Letter to the Editor: Terri Francino

To the editor:

In the last issue of the Vail Voice, Supervisor Christy, supportive of the horrific Rosemont mine project, told his constituents it’s time to move on. No, Mr. Christy, you move on, and out! This issue is of deep concern to residents, environmentalists, Native American tribes, ranchers, small businesses (wineries, shops, restaurants in Sonoita, Elgin, Patagonia), and many of us who simply cherish this remarkable, pristine desert/grassland area of the Santa Rita mountains.

When will we stop accommodating the destruction of our environment for greed and profit – in this case, for a Canadian company?! Yes, I know what you’re thinking, I’m on my pedestal typing on an iPad which requires copper, among many other of my household items, but there is plenty of copper in the world that can be extracted without devastating a pristine place, clogging up a scenic Arizona byway, ruining an environment full of protected wildlife and cultural importance.

There is also ongoing research into other materials that have conductive properties and don’t require mining. I don’t know where you live, but route 83, a two lane, curving scenic road through the Santa Rita grasslands, will be full of mining trucks, 24/7, every 20-30 minutes, for 20 years! Those trucks will continue on 83 to reach I-10.

People live here and make their livings here! We hike, bike, ride our horses, loving the beauty and quiet of this area. Have a look at the Sahuarita mines that have leveled two mountain ranges. Horrible! The destruction and toxic pit left behind will be here for hundreds of thousands of years! Hudbay will be long gone! Please don’t tell those of us who care so deeply to move on. You move on!

Terri Francino, Vail/Corona de Tucson

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