Advocating for Education

By Stacy Winstryg 

The Vail Parent Network (VPN) is gearing up for another legislative session. Many bills are already working their way through committee’s up at the capitalVPN has narrowed down where we will be concentrating our efforts this year. We will be pushing for the following this session: 

  1. Fully and fairly funding special education. The services that a student receives are protected by federal law. Often the cost of the services far exceeds the amount of funding that the district receives by thousands of dollars per student each year.  
  1. Reporting and transparency requirements need to be equal for district and charter schools. 
  1. Continuing to advocate for salary increases for teachers and support staff.  
  1. Fully funding new school facilities. We are grateful to the voters for passing the recent bond. However, VPN believes that new school facilities should be funded by the state and not passed on to the local taxpayers. 

We encourage you to follow us on Facebook at Vail Parent Network (VPN) Education Advocacy. You can also sign up for emails by emailing us at We will be notifying our members when we need your help contacting legislators regarding education bills. Thank you for supporting public education! 


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