Arizona Daily Star: $36,921 raised so far to send kids to camp

The Arizona Daily Star Sportsmen’s Fund raises money so children from low-income households and military families can attend overnight YMCA, Boy Scout and Girl Scout camps and Camp Tatiyee — for school-age children and older teens with special needs — at little or no cost to their families.

We kicked off our 2019 fundraising on Feb. 21 — Rodeo Parade day — with an envelope in the paper, most of today’s donations are in response to that.

Our goal is to raise $212,000 to send 625 local boys and girls to camp and to pay for camp supplies for another 300. In addition, we have committed $5,000 to replace the .22 rifles and $2,000 for annual maintenance of the Walter E. Lovejoy Rifle Range at Triangle Y Ranch Camp, on the back side of the Catalinas. 

In 2018, we received 1,623 donations totaling $214,312. We spent $214,979 to send 621 local boys and girls to overnight camp and for camp supplies for another 299 children.

So far this year we’ve received 311 donations totaling $36,921.

Since 1947, the Sportsmen’s Fund has helped pay for 40,990 children to go to camp. We’re one of the oldest 501(c)(3) charities in Arizona and one of the most efficient, with 98 cents of every dollar going to send kids to camp.

Your contribution qualifies for the Arizona tax credit of up to $800 for donations to qualifying charitable organizations.

Arizona has assigned a code to each qualifying charitable organization. Donors are required to enter this number on their tax returns to get the credit. The Sportsmen’s Fund code is 20450.

Donations are welcome throughout the year.

Recent donations include:

Debra Abell, $100.

Hal Adamson, $100.

Robert Agnew, $30.

Austin Agron, $100.

Lynn Aldrich, in memory of my late husband Harley Aldrich, $50.

Jean Alles, $10.

John Almquist, $500

Melanie Amhowitz, $200.

John Arbuckle, $100.

Charles and Jean Ares, $100.

Diana Armour, $300.

Joan Arnold, $50.

Candace Arrington, $25.

Joan Athey $50.

Ken and Elaine Baarson, $150.

Robert and Shaun Baker, $50.

Voureen Baldwin, $50.

Michael Bangs, $50.

Avery Bates, $300.

Gene Beach, $100.

T.M. Bean, $25.

Phyllis Becker, $10.

Patricia and Gary Becker, $40.

Louise Bell $5.

Edward Bessey, $250.

Kenneth Bierman, $50.

Curtis and Elizabeth Blanchard, $20.

Esther Blumenfeld, $25.

Henry Bogen, $50.

Alan Bond $20.

The Borozan family, in memory of the Swindle Brothers,  $150.

Joan Bowers, $50.

Walter Brem, $100.

Norm Broshous, $50.

Thomas and Claire Brown, $150.

Budd and Judith Busche, $1,000.

Susan Bush, $100.

Rodney and Shirley Calhoun, $25.

Irene Camp, $50.

John Campbell, $100.

Janice Campos, $20.

Debra Cantonwine, $20.

Jim and Anita Carden, $50.

Alex Carlberg, $50.

Ross Carroll, $25

Mark Cavins, $100.

Wy and Janet Chamberlin, $100.

C. Jerome Chandler, $350.

Nancy Chidester, in memory of Dale Chidester, $100.

Pam Churchill, $200.

Bill and Rosemary Clarke, $500.

Mr. and Mrs. John Coffin III, $300.

David Colburn, $500.

Diana Coleman, $100.

G.C. Collins, $50.

Nancy Cook, $75.

Hal Cunningham, in memory of Emily Cunningham, $100.

Beatrice Cutler, in honor of my late husband Earl G. Cutler and our deceased youngest son, John P. Cutler, $1,000.

C.J. Danek, $50.

Bonnie Day, $100.

Shirley De Gon, $10.

Marylou Deckert, $10.

Richard and Vera DeJong, $1,000.

Lois Deputy, $50.

Barbara Dickson, $35.

Donald Dietrich, $100.

Joseph Dinich, $200.

Ronald Dionne, $75.

Arthur Dixon and Jane Lateer, $100.

Phyllis Dugger, thank you for all of your efforts, $50.

Marilyn Dutari, $50.

T.J. Eaton, $50.

Karen Edal, $100.

Ronald Edwards, $20.

Mr. and Mrs. Edwards, $20.

Steve Eggimann and Dianne Van Tassell, $250.

Shirley Erickson, $500.

Aubrey Evans, $5.

Addie Everett, $25.

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