Know Your Product: David Huckfelt

David Huckfelt wrote his upcoming debut solo album, Stranger Angels, in two weeks, and it shows. Not in a rushed or unfinished sense, but in a sense of intimacy, cohesion and connection. Huckfelt, founding member of The Pines, sings with subdued vocals, romantic instrumentals, and an all-around dark atmosphere. Describing his music as “Transcendental Folk,” Huckfelt channels Leonard Cohen, acoustic psychedelia, and the natural world around him. The music video for the title track off Huckfelt’s new album is dedicated to the protectors and stewards of America’s national parks and wild places—the nighttime pastoral reminiscence certainly shines through.

Catch David Huckfelt’s album release show at Club Congress, 7 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 23.

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Various Artists

I Listen to the Wind That Obliterates My Traces

A compilation of the human spirit of unnerving grace… Sea shanties, creek lullabies, songs of monumental tragedy personal and collective, Sunday-afternoon reels, a capella signifying, nursery rhymes, newspaper headlines with a pulse… Field recordings with no buffer ‘tween body and spirit, It ain’t just cool ’cause it’s old.

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John Trudell & Quiltman

Tribal Voice

I first heard the indomitable John Trudell at dawn on Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota, a couple of miles from Wounded Knee, when my uncle put a pair of headphones on me while I was still half asleep. The song was “Crazy Horse”, and the instant feeling was that I had been wrong, basically, about God for most of my life. John was a voice of unfathomable compassion sprouted like a natural wonder from a long line of ancestors who had weathered a severity of punishment from the United States of America that most of us couldn’t comprehend.

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Alpaca Lips

Would never presume to tell Tucson about Rainer, the love this community feels for him radiates from the barrio like a pulse. But as far as records that changed my life, this one lives up high in the throne room, a work of overflowing compassion from a weaver of webs of balance.

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Nina Simone

In Concert

Enough and more has been said about Nina Simone, but what happens when she inhabits “Pirate Jenny” in this live performance record from 1964 resembles a lightning strike in an open field, a circle of grass left a barren, chalky silver. On the spectrum of tender to ferocious, this song amounts to a grizzly mauling.

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Various Artists

100 Great Poems by Classic Poets & Beatnik Freaks

This one speaks for itself… Adrian Louis, Jimmy Santiago Baca, Sylvia Plath, Whitman, Burroughs, Galway Kinnell, Ezra Pound… all in their own voice & poise. Turn off all the lights in your bedroom and play on repeat until you become utterly lost where the mind cannot find you…

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