Watch J-Pop Singer LiSA’s New Video for Anime Theme, ‘ADAMAS’

Japanese singer LiSA shared her new music video for “ADAMAS,” one of the two songs featured on her “double-A” single set to drop Dec. 12.

“ADAMAS,” the opening theme of the new animated series Sword Art Online Alicization, was released digitally Oct. 8, ahead of the CD release and peaked at No. 4 on the Billboard Japan Hot 100 for the week dated Oct. 22.

LiSA’s tracks have been used in the SAO franchise many times before, including TV animes, a feature film, and video games originally adapted from a series of popular novels.

The “ADAMAS” video highlights LiSA’s impassioned performance of the speedy banger featuring blistering guitar riffs and symphonic string arrangements inspired by the latest SAO narrative.

The popular anime and game song vocalist also released two versions of the cover art for her upcoming 14th CD single, “Akai Wana (Who loves it?)/ ADAMAS.” The artwork of the limited edition is by abec, the artist responsible for the illustrations of the original SAO novels, and will undoubtedly become a highly coveted collector’s item for loyal fans of the franchise.

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