Jonathan Something Shares ‘All That I Ask’ From Upcoming ‘Outlandish Poetica’ Album: Premiere

Jonathan Something released an emotional new track “All That I Ask” on Wednesday (Nov. 7) from his upcoming album Outlandish Poetica due out on Nov. 17.

“All That I Ask” is the fourth single from the multi-instrumentalist otherwise known as Jonathan Searles. Following the release of “Happy Day,” “Outlandish Poetica” and “Fine,” all set to appear on the new album, “All That I Ask” comes as a mellow song about friendship. 

“‘All That I Ask’ is a post-breakup musing,” Searles tells Billboard. “It’s me disregarding the romantic angle and reflecting specifically on the friendship facet of the relationship, wishing I had someone who knew me like this person knew me. Oddly enough I wrote it while watching The Fellowship of The Ring. I’m not sure what it was about Middle Earth that catalyzed such sappy rumination.”

The Connecticut-based artist effortlessly combines an upbeat melody and fun instrumentals with lyrics like “All that I ask is a dance in the dark with a woman that knows me like you do,” creating an overall optimistic yet nostalgic feel. 

Searles is also set to perform alongside Partner and Mallrat at Baby’s All Right in Brooklyn on Nov. 10 with tickets on sale now. While the full album is not yet available, fans can preorder Outlandish Poetica here

In the meantime, check out “All That I Ask” below.

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