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reality star edition. You all know our next guest from “Jersey shore.” Take a look. Hello. Party’s here. Where’s the beach? We’re not on the ocean. Where’s the beach? Beach! Where’s the beach? There she is, Jenny Polizzi. Hi. Hello. Good to see you. How are you doing? Good to see you. You’re so tall. I know. You’re like hey! We fell in love with you on “Jersey shore.” Thank you. From day one, everyone fell in love with you. You’re one of the biggest reality stars in the world. Thank you. So sweet. What is your side hustle? My side hustle is I love doing crafts. Ever since I became a mom I got into DIY stores. I have an etsy store and I’m oping up — opening up my other store. This is my jam here. You sell them. Where can people buy them? On etsy at That’s for the fans. You’re into crafting. Yes. We talked earlier at the beginning of the show when you decorate for Christmas. When do you start? November 1st. I love you. Are you done? My tree is not up yet. My fireplace mantle is full. There it is. We have video of it. November 1st is fair game. I always do it November 1st. Christmas puts me in such a good mood. My kids love it. Hearing the holiday music and stuff. It makes me happy. Do they help decorate? Yeah. They love it. They love Santa out. Plus, they’re better kids when they know Christmas is coming. Do you do elf on the shelf? Yeah. I do it all. You’re crafting and you have another show “How far is tattoo far.” It’s a mess. It’s a crazy show. You have a lot of tattoos. Yeah. On my arm and stuff. I feel my body is a free canvas. I love doing tattoos that resemble my kids. I have a squirrel, another mommy tattoo. You have a squirrel? Yeah, because I call my kids squirrels. It’s a squirrel and they’re holding a little heart nut. That’s so cute. You don’t have ink, do you, Michael. No. I’m too afraid of the needle. Just do it. Your body is a wonderland according to John Mayer. It’s a canvas. Say it again. You’re going to show us how to do crafts. I’m not very crafty. Michael, I’m sure you’re amazing. This is fun. During the holidays, Thanksgiving and Christmas, I spend so much money on food. My house is packed with family. I like to save money somewhere. I go to the dollar and buy all this stuff and make it look like it’s $100. Show us how it’s done. You can get 12 vases at dollar tree. You can fill them up with kernels. There you go. Fill them halfway up. Halfway, okay. There you go. That’s good. Put that candle in. Make sure it’s fake and you light it. Or you end up with popcorn. Fill it up more around the sides. I just got that. That’s funny. I did too. It takes a while. This is literally $3. You could get your burlap. Throw these on. That’s perfect. I’m getting my own etsy store. What you talking about? You get burlap and wrap it around the middle or wherever you want to place it. Then you get the glue gun. Yep, and you stick it together. You can add the leaves. I got aggressive. That’s hot. Careful. You can add cinnamon sticks. I’m stealing your leaves. You stole mine. Glue it on there. It literally takes five minutes and then you have your decor for your center piece. This is great, Nicole. Inexpensive, cheap, I love it. You can do it. It’s so easy even Michael can do it. That’s what you’re saying. Exactly. Look how pretty. That’s really nice. No excuses now. What else do we have? This is my favorite obviously for the holidays. You want a gorgeous center piece. You get the wood tray. You put — what is this again? Styrofoam. You get the styrofoam and get your flowers because they have the stems. Throw the stems in. That’s fun. You guys are oohing and ahhing. This is fun. You have your pumpkins. You add your pine cones and go around and fill it up. This is great. Were you always good at this stuff? It’s fun and therapeutic for me. Do your kids help you? My daughter loves it. My son and husband want nothing to do with it. It’s gorgeous and inexpensive. You got all this stuff at the dollar store. Yeah, dollar store, fake flowers, it’s awesome. You can’t create a masterpiece like this and not give it away. True. I think we got the perfect — Give the good one away. I made this last night. We have a pretty young lady right there who would love it.

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