WATCH: ‘Queer Eye’ star Jonathan Van Ness shows off his ‘reality star side hustle’

Transcript for ‘Queer Eye’ star Jonathan Van Ness shows off his ‘reality star side hustle’

I was literally trying to channel him! If he was alive in 2017, he would have all kinds of style. Right. Performing his stand-up side hustle give it up for Jonathan van Ness. Take it away, Jonathan. Hello. Hello. Hello. Thank you so much for having me today. I’ve not done stand-up when the sun is out. It’s a different audience. It’s okay. Anything we can all agree about things are scary, but nothing is scarier and you look at your cell phone and she’s at 1%. Everything goes slow motion. We’re sprinting to the charger. You see it. You’re like please hold on a little more, sweetie. Please. No! Everyone’s safe. So whatever is going on for you, I hope it comes through clutch. I hope your cell phone is charged when you need it. Thank you for having me. Thank you. Jonathan, come on over. Good to see you. Hi, so nice to meet you. How are you today? Jonathan, reality star side hustle, you chose comedy which is one of the toughest things I can imagine. Oh, my god. Wait. Got it. Why choose comedy? I think I was kind of a natural born performer. What makes you think that? I know that catches you by surprise. I don’t know. I just know something about it. Margaret Cho is a really good friend of might be. She’s amazing. She kind of got me into being a big fan of stand-up comedy. When I started to work with her, she was like you should get into it. Then “Game of thrones” happened and I kept working in front of the camera. One day I posted once or twice I was going to try it. I got bit by the comedy bug. sent me an email and they’re like we love you’re a cheerleader for people. They are like do you want us to be a cheerleader for her comedy? I was like sure. Jonathan, are you a middle child? I’m the youngest. I pegged you as a middle child. In my family the middle child is — Not bitten by the comic bug. He’s very much a peace maker. He’s loud and funny when needed. That’s not me. I’m just — Loud and funny period. You did this around the country for an upcoming digital series. What was the scariest part of this for you? Good question. I think the scariest moments for me is where I would do drop-in sets on other people’s shows. For my show they’re coming to see me. When I was doing surprise sets on other people’s shows I was like I hope you like me. I hope I just don’t think I’m good at this. I find you super charming. I have a feeling they enjoyed you. Thank you. You have a lot of fans out there, one being Clair foy. Clair from “The crown” is a big fan of yours. She said you helped her sneak into a party one time. Have you ever had to sneak into a party? I’m not condoning this behavior. I think it’s important to not sneak. You should be on a list. However, I was not on the list and I needed to be. My friend was wearing a huge ball gown. It was very huge. I was able to do a little — Do it. Do it. I literally went like that and I got in needless to say. My knees were burning, but I made it. You’re tall. That’s a big gown. Well, it was — she was a very amazing female impersonator. We were getting drag moments. So her dress was even bigger. Yeah. There was a compartment for me to live in. It was like a studio apartment. Yes. We want to thank you for stopping by. Thank you. Congrats on the show. Check out the series. We’re going to check it out. We’re going to tell everybody else to check it out. November 12th. Jonathan van Ness, you can check him out you’re going to laugh a lot. There’s more “Gma day” coming up after the break. First an exclusive look at presenting comedy with Jonathan van Ness. Check it out right now. It was gorgeous. I feel like everyone lived up to their potential. The product was really, really nice. Did I make it all the way in my heels? Maybe. I’m glad you can’t see my feet right now. Imagine that I did.

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