WATCH: ‘Outlander’ heartthrob Sam Heughan aka #KiltDaddy visits Times Square

Transcript for ‘Outlander’ heartthrob Sam Heughan aka #KiltDaddy visits Times Square

of TV’s biggest heartthrobs. He’s here in times square fresh off the season four premiere of “Outlander.” Let’s take a look at this clip. Auntie, may I present my wife, Cleo. It’s a pleasure to meet you. I hope you’ll call me auntie. We are kin after all. Of course. Auntie it is then. Please welcome Sam heughan. Welcome. What’s up, man? How are you? It’s great having you here. Thank you. This show has such a following. It’s like a cult following. You had a hit movie over the summer. You’re doing a project with vin diesel. How does your mom and family feel back home? Do they get it? They get it. My mom is going to kill me. I’ve said before that she does a lot of newspaper clippings and sends them to me. They’re always from Scotland and this tiny little place. It’s like the local newspaper. I’m like, mum, I’m on “Gma day.” You’re on billboards. You’re everywhere. Isn’t it so cute when they do that? She’s so froud — proud. She’s proud. She’s keeping all the newspaper clippings and one day I can look at the “Edinboro gazette.” Best scrapbook. There’s a hashtag created just for you. It’s #kiltdaddy. You wear a kilt. I’ve worn a kilt. I heard you wear a kilt. I wore a kilt for a charity event. How was it? It was — I tell you, it was liberating. Very freeing. I noticed the weather. When you wear the kilt, do you wear it like a true scotsman? Michael, come on. It’s quite liberating. It’s actually quite fun. We could create a hashtag for you like #kiltdaddytwo. Yeah. Now the drought lander is over. That’s what people call it when “Outlander” is not on the air. For people who haven’t tuned, can you give us a wrap up? I don’t know where you guys have been, but if you haven’t seen it, the series is based on the best selling books. It’s about a nurse in the 1940s who goes to rekindle her honeymoon in Scotland and she goes back in time and meets a group of highlanders. One in particular — Jamie Frazier is the one I play. It’s an amazing story. We span decades. We got to Scotland and France and we end up this season in America. You know you’ve made it when your fans give themselves a name, heughligans. Yes. Whether is the craziest place that a heughligan has approached you? Our fans are very enthusiastic. We love them. They’re a great bunch. I did wake up once on an airplane. I was asleep and someone was taking photos of me. I just knew I was drooling or picking my nose. I don’t want to get the heughligans super excited. Someone can win a date with you. Yes. Tell us more about this campaign. Not sure what I let myself in for. We launched an amaze campaign. It’s an all expenses paid trip to Scotland. They’ll go to a gala. We have a big dinner. Will they meet your mom? That would be an expensive date. It’s going to be fun. We have a big gala and big dinner. You get to be at my table and I might even wear the kilt. Okay, all right. I think the bidding went up. Kilt daddy in full effect. You have some super fans out there. We have a super fan here. Sometimes these fans, they can answer questions about you quicker than you can. We want to test your knowledge with your super fan. It’s called super fan versus superstar. I’m so ready for this. Are you ready? I’m so ready. Let’s go meet your super fan. After you. This is Jordan. Hi. Jordan meet Sam. Sam meet Jordan. Jordan show him your nails. I got my nails done for you. Oh, wow. That’s amazing. She’s a heughligan. That’s your area. We’ll test your knowledge and see if your super fan can out do you. You got this. I got this. Game on. Get it started, Sara. “Outlander” is based on a series us of novels. How many novels are currently released? Sam? Eight. Sam is right. Six! Come on, Sam. What is Sam’s natural hair color? Blonde. For goodness sake. Dirty blonde. You’re right. What alias does Sam’s character Jamie use when he first meets Clair on the show? Oh, god. I don’t know. James mcdavish. This is embarrassing. I don’t know if we should give a prize or restraining order. Here we go. We have both ready. What is Sam’s middle name? You’ve got to get this one. I don’t want to admit this one. It’s cute. It’s Roland. Thanks, mom. How long does it take for the “Outlander” make-up artist to complete Sam’s hair, make up and back scars? I don’t even know that one. I want to say about two hours and 20 minutes. Who are you? She got it. That’s right. Two hours, 20 minutes. Here is the final question. Okay. Oh. At what age did Sam learn to drive? I think I said 35. It was actually 30. You’re right. I tell you this — That was definitely — she cleaned the house with him. Sam, you got beat on knowledge of yourself. Jordan, you are such a super fan that we have some super fan gifts for you right here. It’s called the “Outlander” swag. All of that — come on over, Sam. Wow. You gotta get nex Well done. There you go. Sam has personalized all of this swag just for you. Oh, my god. That is great. This is great. Sam, we’re such big fans of yours. Thank you for coming by. Thank you for having me. Let me know when you and I need to bust out those kilts. Next time.

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