Sam Smith & More Share Personal Journey in ‘Promises’ Documentary: Watch

Calvin Harris and Sam Smith’s “Promises” music video explores individuality, nightlife culture and the art of vogue. Now, the ’90s-inspired house single receives an in-depth documentary, letting viewers one step closer into the world of voguers, drag queens and more.

In the 17-minute-plus film, Sam Smith and the “Promises” video cast share their stories about who they are, where they’re from, where they’ve been and their journey along the way. “I love to dance and express and be over the top,” starts Smith.

Voguer Kevin Stea, who has toured with the likes of Madonna, Michael Jackson and Beyoncé, adds, “I feel free. I feel free to express myself however I want.” Another voguer, Jamari Amour, says, “It’s just like that let go of not having to be somebody that I don’t want to be at that time.”

Watch the full documentary below:

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