WATCH: Man jumps on whale’s back to free it from fishing line

Transcript for Man jumps on whale’s back to free it from fishing line

We are back now with what’s being called a whale of a rescue caught on camera. Amy is here with the story. Hey, Amy. Because it was an actual whale rescue, Michael. Good morning. Take a look at this incredible video. 25-year-old Sam synstelien leaping right there onto the back of this massive humpback whale that was entangled in a fishing line off the coast of California. The whale was thrashing and diving but he manages remarkably to cut him free. His friends in the boat celebrating. Synstelien telling us despite what you’re seeing there it was total exhilaration freeing that whale. It may have been exhilarating. The whale is free. But what are wildlife officials saying. This is not a shocker. They say this not only was dangerous by deadly for the rescuers. He knows it was risky but felt he needed to do something. That whale took him underwater at one point so the whale and rescuer are lucky. You see that tail coming up. As always, Amy, thank you. Gwyneth paltrow, why she’s

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