WATCH: How decorating for Christmas may boost happiness

Transcript for How decorating for Christmas may boost happiness

to wait this long to take them. Now it is time to say good-bye to Halloween and, hello, holly. That’s right. Our audience is ready for the holidays and you know who else is, Mariah Carey. Mariah posted this side-by-side photo writing me on October 31st. Me on November 1st. Halloween costume to her Christmas album. Her fans are following her lead creating their own Mariah memes and if her Christmas album isn’t enough her new album “Caution” dropped followed by her world tour in February. I never get sick of this song. Every time of year. And finally now that we’re all in the Christmas spirit I have good news for everybody. We are learning that decorating for Christmas can be good for your mental health. Okay. I see the skepticism on your face. I’m coming around. Hear me out. According to experts decking the halls can boost your happiness because tripping the tree evokes nostalgia and reminds us of the best times and decorating your house can make you more sociable to neighbors. Let’s get to decorating. Who is with me? George, you want to boost your mood? What do we got? Here you go. Thank you. The onesies you have on,

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