Clean Bandit Team up With Marina and Luis Fonsi for New Single ‘Baby’: Stream It Now

Following the successes of “Solo” and “Rockabye,” Clean Bandit has unveiled their newest single, “Baby”. The single, which features Welsh songstress Marina (formerly Marina and the Diamonds) and “Despacito” star Luis Fonsi, comes from their second studio album, What is Love?, set to release Nov. 30 via Warner Music Group. 

“Baby” sees Marina longing over a lost lover after she regrettably gives herself to someone else. She reminisces on their fiery romance in a moment of wishful thinking, but ultimately decides that her past lover stays within her memory as the one who got away. Fonsi assists her on the flamenco-infused track with a verse in Spanish, providing the track with a distinctive Latin flare.

In addition to Marina and Fonsi, What is Love? features collaborations with Charli XCX, Ellie Goulding, Rita Ora and more. The forthcoming album is currently available for preorder, and comes with “Baby,” “Solo” and “Rockabye” upon ordering.  

Listen to “Baby” below. 

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