WATCH: Melissa McCarthy became ‘enamored’ with characters in ‘Can You Ever Forgive Me?’

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because our next guest, you know her from movies like “Bridesmaids,” “Ghost busters.” She is back on the big screen like you have never seen her before. Please welcome the always lovely and very talented Melissa Mccarthy. Hi, guys. Look at you. Hi. Yes. How are you? Hi. You did that so graceful. One fell swoop. I didn’t think I was going to go down, and I kept thinking, like. You handled it very well. It was a terror zone. Oh god. I’m going over. No, no, no, no. You make us so dog gone happy. What does that feel like to know you bring such joy to people? I don’t know. That’s a — that’s delightful to hear. I always wonder, like, how irritated people would be. I probably chat too much. Just the opposite. It’s a good day at work if it works out and you get to, you know, do this weird thing that people get to watch. So it’s not bad. And I’m so happy for you because I know as an actor, you also want — you don’t want to be pigeon-holed and just seen in one type of role. This movie, y’all, I saw it last night, it was so good and it was wonderful to see you playing this serious role. What was it like for you? It was fantastic. I know it is tonally something kind of different that I’m not known for. I have done many, many years way, way off Broadway, I did years of dramatic plays, but for me, I still kind of fall in love with the character. I fall in love with the story, and the process for me and playing Lee sears was just finding her quirks and ticks, and there were so many. She was not an easy person. I became really enamored with her early on, and it was really fun to play. I loved the script. I loved working with our director, and the whole thing was — we shot it in 28 days in Manhattan. You did? Which is — it sounds like I have gone insane and I’m making up numbers. Yeah. But I also — the transformation when you see you on camera on the big screen, and you said that was part of what drew you to this, the transformation that you had to have in playing Lee. I just love she was exactly who she was and would in the change for anybody. She didn’t care. She didn’t need someone to like her. She didn’t even, I don’t think, want people the like her. She wanted her working acknowledged and I think that’s a really good thing to be reminded of today when I think so many people kind of look to others to reflect how they should feel about themselves. Even though she made things a little bit more difficult for her because she was pretty caustic and prickly. She is salty. She was salty. Super salty, guys. She is. That pretzel got dunked twice. It did. I kept thinking, it’s a defense mechanism. We all do these things. We all have our weird ways to kind of overcome our insecurities and — Sure. And to protect ourselves. And Lee’s was very effective. She could really shut out the world. She did. It’s based on a true story, and it’s one of those — I told Melissa backstage. I love saying that. I was talking to Melissa backstage. Right before our concert tour. Before our record dropped. If that’s still what the kids are saying. I don’t know. We’ll ask the kids back there. It was a type of movie because it was based on a true story, I was trying to find all I could about the character you were playing. Which is tricky to do. I felt a little disappointed in myself that I didn’t know who she was. Yeah. I was in — I lived in new York during this time period, and I thought, I should have known her. To find out the FBI got involved and she was convicted and the forgery. I thought, why don’t I know this story? But it was — the research was slim almost to none because true to Lee’s form, she did not want people in her business. No, and, you know, that’s why — It’s not there really. It really isn’t, and speaking of transformations, let’s go to your high school photo. Oh god. Shall we? Your transformation. Oh. Look at her. Woo. Wow. What was the inspiration behind the hair style of that? Guys, when I got that, I was literally, like, this is it. I have finally figured it out, and I kind of look cross eyed in that picture. Am I cross eyed? I never noticed it. So much attention went to that and I thought it was so edgy and now that I’m looking at it, I’m, like, that is such a dorky version of edgy, but — You pull it off. Come on, guys. One side shaved. It’s called asymmetrical. Duh. I was from Illinois. We didn’t do that. Halloween is coming up. I can only imagine — loved seeing Ben. Her husband was in this film. I always look for him to see when he’ll pop up. He was cast first. He was cast first? He was cast first in the movie and then I wormed my way in. That’s what he gets for showing me the script. It’s so much fun to see what he is going to be, and y’all work so well together. Halloween is coming up and you have two adorable kids. What do you do for Halloween? I can only imagine. We go out. I’m in the midst of making a cactus costume. My oldest is going to be a cactus. It’s super cute. It’s, like, a green sweat suit top and bottom, and it has pipe cleaners on it. The prickly things. It’s a cactus, guys. Then my little one is going as the big bad wolfette. Wolfette, not wolf because her best friend is going as little red riding hood. I know. Isn’t it cute? What about you and Ben? His spirit animal is Bob Ross. Truly. Truly. We watch a lot of Bob Ross at our house. That’s how fun we are. Sit around watching him paint. Woo! I know. It’s a party at our house. He is going as Bob Ross, and then I think I’m going as his friend, squirrel. Because if you don’t know, Bob Ross and his wife are always, like, and we spoke to our friend, squirrel last night. There is a squirrel they befriended. So you think I’m going to as the squirrel. Once again, super cool. Super cool. All right. All right. So there you have it. So if you show up at their house, you know what you can expect when you open up. A giant squirrel giving you kit Kats. It’s me.

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