On Newspaper Carrier Day, we honor our Star dawn patrol

It’s 1 a.m. and your day is about to start. You receive your papers in sections, assemble complete editions, then fold and bag each paper individually.

You load a couple hundred papers into your vehicle and start driving a route that is slightly different from the night before, as several new subscribers have started, and some of your regulars have gone on vacation.

Its pitch-black outside, and they still haven’t fixed the roads.

You know the expectation is that papers will be delivered by the same time, in the same place, in perfect condition every day.

But you also know how many things can go wrong.

A few times, you’ve gotten a late start because they pushed back the press time to accommodate late basketball games.

Once, there was a problem with the press, and you didn’t get your papers until nearly 5 a.m.

Things also sometimes happen on the road that you can’t control.

You’ve had to power through monsoons, work around car troubles, and you’re constantly swerving to avoid the packs of javelina that seem to keep the same hours you do. This gig is not easy.

On this International Newspaper Carrier Day, we salute the folks who tirelessly deliver our products to your stores, tubes, driveways and doorsteps.

All our newspaper carriers are independent contractors running their own business, trying to do a good job every day.

Help us honor these hardworking entrepreneurs by adding a little something to the carrier tip section on your printed bill, or by adding a carrier tip next time you make a payment at account.tucson.com

It just might make their night a little brighter.

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