WATCH: Would you let your kids try alcohol? Why LeBron James may let his children drink wine

Transcript for Would you let your kids try alcohol? Why LeBron James may let his children drink wine

of those port glasses. I thought they were baby wine glasses. I got a question, though, did you start asking for spaghetti all the time? At the time it tasted gross but I remember they didn’t tell us to sip it and I once swigged it because they hadn’t served yet. And I was like, I’m tired and my mom was like, you know, you didn’t tell her to sip it. I just chugged it back. I was probably like 7. 7? Hold on. That’s a little young. It’s cultural. It was cultural. But, you know, speaking of cultural, though, I did see something where in Europe people let their kids like sip and drink and all that stuff. So when they get older it’s not a big deal for a kid to have a glass of wine they don’t overindulge because they’ve had exposure to it. I think here we always tell our kids don’t do this and don’t do that and when they’re of age, then they go crazy and we wonder why so I think you hold something back sometimes and maybe it’s psychological that you want it. You take away the mystery and taboo. I’m not someone that will throw a kegger in my basement. I think by letting them sip and say, that’s gross, right? If you throw a kegger hopefully I’m invited. That’s all I’m going to say. My kids are only 2 1/2 at this point. We got time. What I mean I think the sipping, my dad would have a beer and we would say can we sip it. And it was gross and he’d be like, see, that’s gross, right and I was like, yes, and he’s like — My dad did that with me with yogurt. Yeah, when I was — I wanted yogurt. He always ate yogurt. He had yogurt. Can I have yogurt, me and my brother, yeah, have it. He didn’t tell us all the fruits were at the bottom. Yeah. And we were supposed to mix it up. And we’re eating off — You ate just the white — And I did not have yogurt until I was like 40 years old. You ruined me, dad! You ruined me. We read so similarly. Oh, my goodness. But, you know, Lebron James, he does let his kids curse. He lets his kids — well, he lets his kids drink. He lets his kids drink. Amber rose lets her son curse. Lebron said his kids are mature. Whatever mom and I are drinking, the kids can drink. Oh, that’s — There’s a 14-year-old and 11-year-old and a 3-year-old. I don’t think that goes across the spectrum with his kids and the age of his kids, but I think that’s just pretty interesting. We did a poll for our audience. Yeah. Have you ever let your kids sip your adult beverage? 23% of you said yes. 77% of you said no. Wow, interesting. Have you ever cursed in front of

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