WATCH: Tracking Hurricane Michael as it approaches Florida

Transcript for Tracking Hurricane Michael as it approaches Florida

Ginger is also there in the storm zone and Mexico beach, Florida, with the latest on the timing and tracking of this massive hurricane. When is Michael now expected to make landfall? Landfall, Michael, should be this afternoon. So after the noon hour and really conditions from now on going to deteriorate so rapidly. You can hear if you stop for a moment the roaring gulf of Mexico behind me. It is so eerie knowing that that category 4 storm is now about 100 miles to our south. So it should head north and east. I’ll take you to the maps to show you how it will move. In the next couple of hours the outer bands keep whipping us. Apalachicola has already had a 56-mile-per-hour gust and even on that measurement it’s 86 miles from that eyewall. That dangerous eyewall will make its way onshore here. 102-mile-per-hour gusts at Mexico beach for 2:00 P.M. And stop the clock at 5:00 P.M. Look at pan that economy, 113 miles per hour, even dothan, Alabama had 76-mile-per-hour gusts. That’s a critical part. We could see the damage that leaves places uninhabitable for weeks with that type of wind but it is, of course, the storm surge, that push of water you cannot run from. You cannot get from especially when it is twice your height and that’s the type of water we’re talking about right where I’m standing along the bend to apalachicola, St. Mark’s over to Keaton beach and this moves on and moves fast. I’m talking late tonight through early tomorrow it moves into Georgia, could still be a category 1. That’s how fast we’re talking. South Carolina, North Carolina and Virginia as it heads off by Friday. So this is a fast storm but it is going to be like a buzz saw, Michael. All right, thank you, ginger.

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