WATCH: ‘Facts of Life’ star Nancy McKeon speaks out after ‘Dancing’ elimination

Transcript for ‘Facts of Life’ star Nancy McKeon speaks out after ‘Dancing’ elimination

couple to leave the “Dancing with the stars” ballroom. It all came down to two fan favorites. Take a look. On this, the third week of competition, the couple leaving us is Nancy and Val. ?????? Ah. We absolutely hate watching that but we’re happy to have you guys here. Nancy Mckeon and Val are here and last night you got the highest scores ever. You got your first 8. Well ever for me. Not ever. Then you’re voted off the show. Is it bittersweet. Do you feel you went out on a high note. Absolutely. Hey, I got an 8. I got an 8. That’s great. I got it. I got to hang out with a 10 all season so — Oh. Ah, oh, boy. See. That man, he’s a charmer. But last night the dance was inspired by your most memorable year when your family was complete and, Val, I know you’re engaged. You’re going to start a family of your own. Were you inspired by Nancy and her family and where they are. Yeah, of course, I couldn’t draw all the parallels but I was inspired by the opportunity to create something of my own that I could be as proud of as she was of her family and one day I too can be on a reality dance show. Putting this piece together — Your kiddos will run up and hug you. And then get eliminated. It will be awesome. And get eliminated. Nancy, speaking of your kids, we spoke about your kis when you first came here when it killed off saying who was going to be on the show. Are they proud of you? They are so proud and they’re troupers, you know, I haven’t been home for a month and a half and that’s the longest I’ve been away from them and I think they were sad for me because they like to see me dance but they were glad for the experience and they got to come and they love Val and they loved the experience. They haven’t seen you in a mops and a half and know you’re off dancing. Have they seen this picture? You may have to explain where you’ve been the entire time. Uh-oh. Well, mom’s got to hang out somewhere. What a great night, right? What a great night that was. You know, the couch with chips or that. That wins out, right? A spray tan convention. They are such lovely dancers and they are such true gentlemen as is my lovely partner here and that particular dance was so, so much fun to get to be in the middle of all that and I’m very grateful? That looks like a lot of fun. Not only — For me. Not only your family but your “Facts of life” co-tars. Kim fields tweeted out you’re simply the best and said I think I’m making this face right now. How does it feel to have their support as well. It’s everything. They’re family and my whole life I’ve known her since I’m 14 so suss a joy to have that kind of support and love from all of them. I know you put a mantra on the board every day that you guys were dancing but you have one more pan tra. So I have our last mantra. Oh, man. For us referee day and so this is what — he read them out so this is what I share with you. All right. Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened. Dr. Seuss. Thank you. Nancy, Nancy actually — this is the second time we’re quoting Dr. Seuss this season and I never — I mean I’ve known Dr. Seuss. I don’t have any Dr. Seuss books so she actually gifted me a couple Dr. Seuss books this season, so very exciting. Tell you what, you two, you know, have a very obvious connection and we love seeing it, Nancy, amazing. You got an 8. I got an. Yes. Val, always good, man and next Monday it is trio night on “Dancing with the stars.” You can see all the action at 8:00 P.M. Eastern right here on ABC.

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