WATCH: Tiffany Haddish says her dream vacation is ‘an island’ that ‘has beautiful men on it’

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Best name ever. To the new political comedy “The oath” starring Tiffany haddish and Ike barinholtz who also wrote and directed this movie. They play a couple heading home for the holidays facing a challenge so many of us can relate to, how to talk politics when you don’t agree, but the one thing we can agree on when they interview each other in real life, it is gold. Just answer their questions and they’ll probably just leave. How about that? No. Tell me three things that you liked about working with me. I like to think of myself as the most likable person on a crew. Like you guys think I’m likable, right? Yes, you are. Compared to you, like you are so funny and everyone loves you and they want to be your friend and then they look at me and they’re like, he’s fine, so likable. You brought it every day and so much energy, you’re so great in the movie. Your character in the film loves to cook. Can you cook in real life? Have I cooked for you before? Yeah, like I said, can you cook in real life? All you made was eggs. It was an egg sandwich. That was just a sandwich. First of all, sandwiches are like the most important — like the cornerstone of any meal. How are you so fit if you’re cooking like this? I’m wearing a girdle. I had Louis strap knee into the girdle about a half hour ago and has another ten minutes before that button takes out that lens. I’m hoping to be a correspondent on “Good morning America.” Oh. So I wrote a couple questions. Let’s see how I do. ?????? what is your dream vacation? Where does Tiffany haddish like to go to unwind? My dream vacation would be to go to an island that has beautiful men on it. Staten Island. I’ve been to Staten Island. Not that many beautiful men. No offense, though. No offense to Staten Island but more like Greek gods where they just want to, you know, feed me and, you know, rub my feet. I just want to be able to look at beautiful men on an island. I don’t think that place exists but if it do, I’m gonna go there. Can I Oprah you right now. Come on in, guys. I don’t have a bunch of hot guys coming in right now. You are hands down the most fun person I ever worked with. Even when I was fall ago sleep at the table. Do you remember? Do I remember it? I’ve seen actors — she just flew in and came right to set and I’ve seen actors fall asleep in between takes but I never seen them fall asleep in between lines and she would be like, in character but not on camera and in character, Chris, man, that’s enough. I dream my lines. So you would fall asleep and dream about your next line and then wake up. Man, you go into dream state quick. Some people think I’m woke. Never woke. Living the dream. That was amazing. Yes. Thank you so much, Ike. Thank you so much for having me on your show. I love you. They certainly had all of us laughing in here. “The oath” hits theaters this Friday.

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