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I got to meet him the lobbhe’s cool, Welcome ba to “Gma.” Next gue is a two-time noon football champ and form NFL star andr eball pye and also a best-selling ar a new book calledthis is th pleael one and only tebow.applause ] My man. Ve a seat Thank you. Thank you. Have a seat. I want to start off byaying I pe you’r feeng well.rom a broken hand. How IST gng. I had surgery. They took out the . It’sling up and he ab E back tg in eek or . In your time whichike a Y written your trd book in this you dedicated O your Robert and Pamela ahy did you? They led ouhis message I’m trying to share with peop.this is T day. Yoait for day. I don’t wante-dayer and I got them to see T live it out in front of me every day of my lifend inspired it when my dgot rkinson’s becau for me there weremany tngs thatappened I wanted to go T mom and D and tell them I love them I thought one day I’ll have these chances. Know if I’m going to those anymore so I wanted to make conscious choices and toiv every single day when my ala nt off I W going T we up knowing that this day an pose to live out my dream and ion and morhan anythg ive outpurpos And you’re doing it. Plause ] Ally well. Very wl. You talk about one dars one I’ll get to this. Mesge do you have for th change. We donnof we’ll have one day. You T know if you’ll be able to tell yourank you, I love you, I appreciate U. I n’now if be able to tell them how muchoure. In sport, one day I’m going to geon a dietnd one I’ll start doing eve ill the things. We don’t know we hathat. We don’tnow how many days we have. I didnant T live a one-day life but a this is Tay ant to P it one from my heart and truly live it urpose. Speakin O sports and one years, I S one day I’ll be better thanebron James. Haening. Yeah. But you- Tis farfetcd. Yayne day you wanted to aaseball player after you football career. Yeah. You’re doingthat. How terfy I for you who seems cfidento go fm one thing to another. S hard I didn’ want my fear to more T my faith. Dn’t wanear to dictate dn’t want the fea oft people are going to say make the choices D define my life. I wanted too aft my drea go after my passions and be able to live T out regardless if you make it rarf you’re successfi stillet know I lived those out and pushed for it and tookheteps live it out. Doesn’t mean you’ll always B successful. Of not going after thehings I wanted because I was afraid of othersoulday or the fear of Faure which cripples a lot of people. Thatesost people not even tr Buit’s not easy for you Beus saw where in baseball when, the — the opposing stadiums like onhe Jumbotron your worst football play? , I’vead-y my interceptions or worst fumbl or they’ll play, you ow,ik els in the ouldnt comes out and play so many th B honey I don’tet to live I sometimes you’re like, it’s kind of frurating Butor the mt part I enjoy it and, know, I just get — I get to wake up and O a dream. At’s pretty specl. I really is. You’reotivational G and people clapping in thee of -ou’re just talking. Verymotivation. Wh you’re I the gym, though, I heard you are not necessarily tivated by a lot of pop, pop, pop. Op, bop, bop, I heartally. What do you listen to M? You knowwhat, I think some people would be locked. I’m a because I’m naturally kind of amped up so I’ll LN to softer frank Sitra, Christian music, music, even like “Moana.” First of all, you do too. I gotosay, . I love “Moa but I’m not in la Disney musicals. There’s many Manas talk about. What is the one mantraive by? That’s a Al question probably be to love god and love people it’s not just something that I want to say. It’s something that want T and, you know, I great form of love as a deaf miss is choose the esnother person and ago on behawh we talk about a generation at to lovepeople, and let’s ago on their be and L’s out giv a helping hand and let’se for sething and M a difference in their life. Not just talkut it but let’s be about . When a you rng for est? Not this day. N this day. Y, last quen before you go. Are we going to seeou back in the metsanization year. Yes, you will. Appreciate Y. Thank you so much. Always great to see Yo “This he day,” I is available now. If T dtak you want this book, I don’tw wt’s wo W everybody in the audience will go H with a copy and the

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