WATCH: Sting and Shaggy perfectly impersonate each other

Transcript for Sting and Shaggy perfectly impersonate each other

U at’s a snesting and aggy’s neweo. It’s cg out soon coming Ta near you on their “44876 tour.” Ey’re hereith us rig now. Welcome grammy winner sting and shaggy. Welce We tried to talk to them at Commer. Th’re like wt R air. You wanted me to come up moreat It wa there’s ly so much gas in the tank. Yout N. Yogo. I following your footsteps. Congratulations. . Appreciate that. Ank you fo being O this show.hownde apprec the Sur Ibetween the bromanour you guys have, how’s it going? Tell us about the tour. It is amance actuly. We even like each other. Afo years ofating — TAKG it slow. Yeah. We had amazing fun. E big partbout this ol thing is the surprise that Y see on the people’s faces at night. Ke sting and shagg and then it goes this. By hfway T is like — and applause Yuys make gat Thereere a co N staggy. Nly a co? Yeah. There’s a ruder name. We’ll leave that out. You guys make great M. Yospent the St two yea togeth I’sumitate each other. You’ve G to have sething. Give me song. Allht.cuse me, du ice cream? Two scoops. T. You don’t imitate shaggy at all? Mr. L lover. Ause ] E want to T U ittle better igathalled it wasn’t me. It was probably me. You do a great imitation. You got is and you irm or denif questions about yoy saying shaggy’s iconic hook. But yoot to say it him, it wasn’t me. It wasn’t me. Hat sounded like you were from new . I’m from the best I ha I have the first question. Which one of you wrote a grammy winninsoyear in Jamaica? ‘T me. . Everyone woulhave thought it would hbeen you. No. Want to tell us a LE bit? Was stayin Jamaica R a while in the ’80s. I waatan flemmins olho was guy who wrote the on movies. I woulsit at hisesk and I wrote “The king of pain there” and “Every breatu take.” Oh, and “Wrapped around your finger.” The ghost of James bond is in that song somewherwesome. Now which one of in the mil [ H long we you in the litary? Youhould say it wt me. I was ithe police. Wasn’t me. Ifferent kd . How LG were Youn the militaas there for four years. Four years? Yeah, fought in the first gulf W Which one of you was born Wasn’t you? Efinitely wasnou what’s wrong W my name? My mother wouldn’t name me after a duck. I was thinking popcorn. You were naafter the pcorn. No he’s talking about a duck. In there’s a green duck called orvillecute green duck Which one of you got your age name fm an article of hat you used to wear T Tell ushat one. I used to wear something Ith black stripes. I Ed like a E’ You tried to put is sunglaes. That is bt. I’m color blind. Thaause you loo ke bee. Yeah, the sting. T’s cool. THAs a goodweater for this WER by the Y. Youk Or I could land a plane. Y cthat too. Look likeow I dress stage every night. Colorful. Really? With panty hose on. Caribbean. Great as always to see guys a incredible. The fans love you. We love you.ody, you can catch sting and shag on their 4876 to the performin the er 17 I N York south tree seaport morrow. Check out the fellas.

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