WATCH: Olympian and ‘King of Instagram’ Adam Rippon reveals his social media secrets

Transcript for Olympian and ‘King of Instagram’ Adam Rippon reveals his social media secrets

itn ice to af us, inr audience. Yes. Ae is very hay. They always look for a treat. That’s what we have in common, always looking for a treat. We know you’re America’s sweet. After some recent poyou made on igram it’s safe to you’ the king of insta. Any tips to help use our I thinkt’important to share all aspects of your . Stopless picte too. That’ll lp. You havto make sure there’s balance. You post a tongue out, a jump shot ahen a powepo Ike findinthe good Bae and thenou some, like, slutty pictese and then you’re fine. Those ancing. Y You comted on “Daing with the stars.” I did. Ously you won the mirror Troy. Ha Congratulations. Thank you. Are yon dance? Irying to dance a little bit. This morning I was dancing W tting ready. I Ven’t haat much time to work out. I’m Ying to donything I ca to get You’re also going T E on “Dancg with theta Ni yes. What do theiors have to do to impress you? You kwhat, “Danng the stars juni I for rely talenteids in other fields to com into this compition and dance for the T time. I’m lookinfor someone who is willing to step out of their comforzone ane it 100%. I worked with young kids on the ice re. Like making it — Ta the presreing a LI constructe so it. They were so issive. That’awesome. ‘T wait toee it, man. To much. “Dancing with S juniors” premiers Sunday, octoberth.

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