WATCH: Lady Gaga reveals how being bullied inspired her role in ‘A Star is Born’

Transcript for Lady Gaga reveals how being bullied inspired her role in ‘A Star is Born’

It is a good day for “Star is born.” Did it? Ot yet. I’m going to screen it. I want to S this so bad. Can I come with you? Of course. Right aer lady gga to feelhe in sprakseher “S I born” character,he channelle her chdhood specically WHE she wallied for Ving big dreams. Were you ever bullied? Y evne sees meow they wouldn’t bully him. I startedorking wttle hefty. I wasn’ hefty. I was Bibo there’s a difference. Pasantly plump. My brots friends lled me Bob. Exactly. It was. Ro and I thought it was cool. Ey gave me nic then onef the friends said you know what me I S like N they said booty on back. Ts might be little on to blkthat. I know. It’s only been 30 years, 33 yes T exact. They cold me Bob W II — when ne fonda W he, I went 33 years ago and bought her work-out vhs tapes and she had all the butt lstuff. I to do all E butt lift stuff. It was great doing the rotation Those burn. They burn a lot. Usedh TV. Ck in the Y as on D I would tc. Would do Jane fonda work then I went to hershelalker had wk outs. My dad S me doing at and I UT with my father after that. You and lady ga ga are good company. As uncomable as it is at the time can turn it into motivator. He’s done . She’s ly talent wo see Thi M. Brleirected itnd he actually sang in it. She she force — she unit unless U sing in the movie. He ally sang Ith every time we her, she always with her parents. She’s not forgotten he ys has Famy around her. Isn’t H dad’s resurant around he? Hes O E upper we S it’s caljoanna’s. Every time I go there I’m LI WHE’ll be there. I’m the first one that ev thought that. You’re stalking. It’s worth thalope you get a sighting of some form. And the food is good. It is defely it.

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