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I would havelicked O not going to lie. Ginger, we have a gift you, my end. Thank Y goodng, 8:23. We’re looking at 60, we’v G winds out of the northeast,2–hour win gusts. You see the rainntral northern river valy. Welave off and on rain, maybe a thunderstorm andll artith sun and cloudsnd ‘ll have some la in the tomorrow. Sets up breezyler weather to end the week. You’re joining mer here for this one, yes. “Dancing with thars” premiered. Gingernows all AUT it for the first time. There root of firewos like this moment when country radio host Bob B calling it the greatest night life. Ohs excited. That momttands out. Not because of the dance B R. Thdance W G too. But it was also T te that new pro brandonstrong llroom. Yes. He went straight Toop of E leaderboard with is had part tinashe. Great to have Brandon us morning. Ch applause ] hi,ys. Hey, good ING, Brandon. Says you time as a dancer on you tieor the highest score on your first dance. Ohman,oe that F you? Did you think your debut would go this well ,Stly, I couldn’t such a dream com true. I grew up watching thes on the S when I younger. Grew up with allhe pros as mentors so to be withhe dol is a dream come true. Excited T B here. I haveoayu woulll it WHE saw guys together. Bu reallyuallyd at how well it went butan somethio say. She saidoo muchchoreogr Look, I’m all about the criticm. LI said I’m a new pro. Still try to findy way. I hope this is going to something I’lle around long time so I’m really G to listen the critiques and try give tashe som moment she is a S and last I want to do is smother herith too much choreogif you danike tt you’ll stay around for a L time trust me. Thank you. Butpost-show you went right ehearsal ain for the next dance so how are youoito U ante? Ablu I mea when we start at the tope leerboard it’s hard to keep owing. It’s a marathon and not a race so I think tref things that me and tinashe can dobeer. There is a ofions and reallyoi worknng the best version of ose every sile weekhen we come out to compete. Younow who is the bes version of himself — yeah, at right B last night was bobbbones. Yeahwas. Bobby and that action. Is H like tt behind the scenes too? Be’s not T guy I met on Sunday. Oh, yeah, no I mean, theuy is a stud. E guy I a stud. En I grow up want to be ‘S amaz heomfortablen his own skin and it lov all the best to himnd sharna. And I guess T bigstion here,brann, is your biggest coetition? Uh-huh. Think — I got to go with who’s ti at the leaderboard with,s and Lindsay. I grew dancingith Lindsay so she’s tight everying ow got to Y to comeor her. Iht you wereng T say you grew up with demars.emarcus od. Good luckn ght.ah, tonight. You can see theecond part of “Dancing the stars premieres 00 7:00 right here ABC. Chk out Brandon a the rest heancers and have the booted couple tor “Gma.” Tim Tebow when we come BAC

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