WATCH: Kelly Clarkson on new tour, speaking out about politics as an artist

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I don’tnow aboutat. We’ve alr about ten you have on TV right now, but O top of tt you also just annoued thehe new “Meaningf which people are excited about. Taking O of my favorisea balleri. I’m pretty lucky. She’s phenom. What bryn is bringing the table is unique from welce is and I’m doing,duction-wise it’s how pyedout. You gave people a on soci media of what it will be like. Let’s take ??? meaning of fe, showehe meaning of life, meaning of life life life meaning of fe ??? ??? show me the meaning of life ??? [ applau ]O od. Honelys going to be — I’ve N D like an all girls I’ve never done this beforeso I’m prey stoked.and bryn is . Surpr sbian. M ahocked as Yo I lo women.ou are so perfect for a tal sh. Bryn is only 15 though. That isaz so what advice do you giver Abou just starting this care Anthis industry honestlyt’s the Sam T I say to any indust in any B, it’s making surroundi yourself W peoeyo want to be like.ere are sny — I had — whoo, went — a lot. A lot of people something er want to F thing els and want to than wt do. We’rra surge. ‘S a fun joust enjnd don’t be so serious aboutit. Have ad Well, we have to talk about “The voice.” I love it. Vine, Blak shelton,nifer don. In my house, we turn our chas as , then we listen and decide when we’re G T turn around. I did tt to prep for being he show because I ne about it I was like, what are the beca you don’t see at. I. Whakes you tn around when you’re listening to the voice? Soulfulness. Itsn’tat genre O UT it have — I the radio, you know what I’m Ying. So I wantom sit a some soul and some Sometim youurn around right away. Ike you hear it right away. Itoesn’t necessarily they’re theetter ones. It’s sometimes you hear thing in their texture, their tone, that’re ke, resting. Sometimes you wait, like, there S oneirl they put medio ik there was one girl outand we a kd of waited a wh and she’s inc. It wasn’t that she wn’t good enough to turn around, we were joying it. E had wileelson on the show the O day. She great. Oh, how did I smell? I’ve bee on his bus so — know. He did mention — It’s wh Heid mention the weehat they found on hiss. You kind of have to when you’re around. The thing that was intereing about him right now thouknow, he’s stumpingor a Democrat in Beto Rourke, who’s running against Ted Cruz. He’sng a lot flack for fans I guess. Yeah. Hey think that H- What? Heev really was a country and western singer, was he? The highway man W a diffent time he was a part ofhat with Merril hag ert, all O th. Thck a roll, /song it Bute doesn’t care. He’s like, I don’t C I they hate me or lik me. He doesn’t care. Ikehatecauseou’re very outspo ho D F about that flack that you GE I dfl I always point especiall ot are, I try to not gate te. Any time th me, go, hey look, for everyone’s ke, I’m tally with you not agreeing with what I’m saying butet’se a debate about it. What I’m saying. You don’t have to jump — because somebodysn’t ree, you don’t have to Ju you have tis because I don’t feel like we’re T getnywhere andhit’ why he’stexas, is base he is about listening and he is kind O – Beto? Yeah’s a little differehat at people — I grew up there so it’sifferent than what people ared to hear,cially when he came out about the eeli that wasst. It’s powerful because he said both sidescount, botre American, both equal S silly get ma about celebrities saying something because I llie Nelson is an American citizen. You don’t have to listen to WHA he saidrehoosing T folw him social media. You’re choosin be PARTF that. You don’t give up being ICAN citizecause you an entertainer. Yeah. That wld be wrong. It’s almost dutysomething, what W beeve in. I have a question for U. You have these amazing fans. I do. A they’re all world. And we happen to ha here. Just else likes me. No one verybodylse is like jus Guarini. Where is kylephilbek. There he is there’s something you’ve always eyeterrifying. I haveays wanted tell you that it 90 pounds lnito your music. The Kelly diet. Wow. That crap didn’t me. Y were withe every day on theatre and means so much to that I have somebody I can listen tndn to in times like that. In addition, I moved here earlier is year and it’s been wonderfulnd terrifying andhe “Meaning of lilbum has bee tr so thank you. D you have sprise F him? I do. Iht have heardtad a fan in theudience and I was like, I just announced the ur. Maybe you wan to come out, maybe youtom ets. Oh yeah some foryou. Ido, I have some for N me but lla

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