WATCH: Tropical Storm Florence continues to slam South Carolina

Transcript for Tropical Storm Florence continues to slam South Carolina

In the meantime, in popular myrt beach theare feeling Florence’s effects, exing things to get worse. And as E been sayg morning, it’s all about the flooding ABC’s M llamas right there with me. Tom, good morning to you. Reporter: Dan, whit, good morng to youguys. As you can see, we very N it.ill poundiouca it may only be a tropical storm but the is still wling and this endless rain refuses tostop. W you the Ean over this is the atlantic ocean. AUT right is theurge that sd happen this after they’re forecasting it to be thatthey’re real worried a. We talke lot AUT amusent parks er throughout T week and whether they withstand,oller coasrs, the feis wheel, L of that seems to be okay. Not a of structul damage yrtle beach little if anything at all. We’ve seen a couple awnings Ripp off but nothing serious. What they’re worried about as you mentned is the W.E it’s a 36-hournt. Dlthere are ve rivers to the west of where I’m at rht. They a which is a area called and they couldll that’s not going to happen or tomorrow but iy happen ler on in the week. The big flood rescues in north col because Y a thoundover here. All of thidless rainit refutowe’ll stay onop of it ithe days to come. Back you studio. THA you so much, Tom. Again, get dry, get somewhere whercahelter there. Impacts ofhe storm, of

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