WATCH: NC city, situated between 2 rivers, hit hard by Florence

Transcript for NC city, situated between 2 rivers, hit hard by Florence

Eyorget the ts.ning from Wigton, nortcaroli where hurrica slammed today, carving a deadly path. At T wind gust reaching 105ileser Hou at one t.en since 1958. When youe Ari of this size a scope, this is what you see in itswake. Ourne F over one of the hoods notrom . Hos D, trees down everywre you look. And the storm is the vernorust telling me they’r extremely concerned over the flooding to come. The storm nrly 300 miles hour. This hurricane has bee terrifying. North of here, Ty trapped between two R fin was almost immediate. Reds trapped in T wifast-ring we were embedded withhe rescue teams racing to get there. In Wilmington. The mother and daughter who not survive the treerashing down. With gio Ben iwburn, W water wasis fast, rescues still under Y. Reporter: Florence, ring ashore before dawn. Hurricane force winds turning debris into projectiles, driving rain flooding streets, and submgiand trappi hundreds in their homes. After calfo It’starting tt deep out Reporter: Jay schriebwith his wife, shooting this video, from second flr. I wouay it’s prably 12 feet up from Normal. A lot of debris out there. Heavy this that shou this C to buildings. Pe a night long hav been in attics and roofs, asking for help. With the sources wehad, we get them out O the we are resour Reporter: Hundreds rescued. The natialping this family, helping them into high water vehicles. Helmetseverything, this is the real deal here. EP team, with th NYPD anddny out. Rapped resents. When you can help your fellow man get out there do what you’re train tthat’s a great thing. T rescuers are Ng tout T te up so they canar theoad and G to new Bern. En’t giving up. Pulled up, jumped out, startedtting. The incredib andhe water keeps ri thisruck is just under water. And right nex to,e have the massive river, there’ so much water here, that that R Ju can’t drain it. So, it’s a recipe for disaster David? Gio bezu. Here in wilmingt, discovery as we drove through hoods day. Souch destructiohe T

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