WATCH: What it’s like to live through Hurricane Florence

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We’ve been heari desituation in new Bern. Want to go tone couple D, Jay and Schreiber and joining us phonll us, Jay, exactly where you are. I know you’re in your cdo up on the second floor. We are next to the doubleee hotel facing the Trent riv watching it rise High is it? Yeah, I woulday it’s probably 12 fromormal and even if the storm were to stop right now, idll takeost a week F all that water to drain out. Wow, so what are see from you windows at this mome? I see the W is up to the railad TRE. A lot of debs out there. Heavy thinhat shouldn’t be this close to buildithere’s th catamarans that are ti off, they are almost St Were you expecting it to be this bad? We knewwo. We had a lot friends en Baptist church and the post officet decided T leave. But where we’re have four stories in ourbuilding. An GOP higher from new Bern, you still he the outlying areas where the water even lonr so it’s ahoice , youknow,o you leave a note able toet back youome back, you’re halfway and are stuck again. Are you going to try toe out thhole storm or are you ouch wituthorities to try a wayout? Row we areing on we have suient supies and a refritor a canned goods. We also have a lot of candles and batteries. We’ve got some good people in the ding also that stayed with us.ou calm. We hope you’re okay. We’rou’ve got the supplies there and we K it’s aituation rig now. Good over these next several hours, Ron. Storm and has the latest on

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