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????????? ??? Storm like Florence creatso manychallenges. One big question how do make sure pets and other anima stay sa. Got information from Ron communications director of the miamizoo. Thanks joining this morning.just startut with wt people in the storm zone can inat they should B thinngut to protect their pet. Their ps are N lot ocked up andedications T may have stocked emsupport. In your household you are the in this rld. It looksmotional supp if you’re panicking and set your pet will feel that and do the E E I can be P to your support. Them T ctinuity going. That’s going to be the important th you have a kennel yourog or cat is used to sleeping in have att to you a have them in there. There is a S of security with that. Most important things. You think of M old dog Charlie. Hated thustorms andad to pull him close forthat. Sometimes what happens people do get sepated fromheir a during a storm. How you track Well ts important. Sight now but so important tomicrocp yr animals. They’re going to gonels and WHE they go to shelters the microchip is will get them backoyou.d ph now we H sociamedia. Social media is one of the greatestreachouts good photographs of your animal saying, list I’m missing him,help me andall every shelter in yr region every single day. Pes of catastrophe O call every day to You had a lot O experience with hurricane miami how doou protect yours he zoo? Because Talone can is used toei move we keep them safe byeeping them in their Normal night hichre strong. E big challenge in the Carolinas will bhe water. Flooding. You know, if an enclosures being flooded. What do do ey’ve G bhallenges and fully set clearinghouse with oer zoos WHE they can accept them. A lot of times after storms the zoo might be destroyed andheanimals are alive and you have no place to put them. That needs to be done ahead ofme. Ron Magill, thanks very much. Oftenedo evacuate and some people don’t want to leave their pets shelters have gotten much Bette about allowing pets? We saw T into. That was big.

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