Pride Profile: 10 Questions With ‘Wild ‘N Out’ Star Jason Lee

This past summer, MTV2’s Wild ‘N Out star Jason Lee turned heads when he kissed unsuspecting castmate Bobby Lytes during a rap battle. The show’s only openly gay cast member, Lee is also editor-in-chief of urban entertainment news destination Hollywood Unlocked.

“There’s a lot of power in the pen, you know, and there were a lot of stories being written about friends of mine that I thought weren’t true or that weren’t really written the right way, so I figured, well why don’t I create a platform where I can jump in the arena and write what I see and what I know,” Lee tells Billboard.

The venture has grown to a multi-platform network since its 2015 launch, with its popular podcast Hollywood Unlocked [Uncensored​] drawing celebrity guests like Cardi B and Floyd Mayweather. As the brand grows, Lee aims to launch a music festival in 2020.

We turned the tables on the media mogul and quizzed him on everything from the first album he bought (hint: he was living in a material world) to his biggest guilty pleasure.

Spirit animal: I’m a Leo, so I just tend to really believe that I do live and act like a lion. I’d like to rule everything, I’d like to be the leader, and you know, if somebody fucks with me, I definitely know how to take them out.

Song I associate with coming out: The song I think that I related to the most is Frank Ocean’s “Bad Religion.” That was the first song that I can remember I felt told my story, and felt like I could connect to. I was actually really emotional listening to that song; it was a really, it had a lot of impact on me.

Color of my aura: I don’t really know, but I’m sitting in my apartment that’s halfway Tiffany blue, so let’s say Tiffany blue because that’s the color of Hollywood Unlocked.

First album I bought: You know, one of the earliest albums I remember having — and I was born in 1977, so one of the first albums I remember having was Madonna, Like A Virgin tape. It was a cassette, so… I don’t even know if I knew what a virgin was at that time, but I loved that song.

Hidden talent: My hidden talent is that I’m a really damn good karaoke singer. [My go-to song] could be Bell Biv Devoe’s “Poison,” it could be “Hello” by Lionel Richie, I could even give you Eric Clapton’s “Old Love.” I try to be a little diverse. I’m not gonna get on stage and sing professionally, but I can do karaoke really well.

First celebrity crush: I can’t really remember that I crushed on anybody, but you know who I’ve been thinking is really hot-looking now is Ricky Martin. I’m so mad that he’s engaged. I wanna find a way to his wedding, I wanna be a plus-one at his wedding so I can object.

Guilty pleasure: I love watching Golden Girls. To know me personally is not to be like, “yo, he watches the Golden Girls?” But I can literally watch every episode and then watch it over again. I ‘m just addicted to how shady they are.

First concert: Man, I’ve been to so many shows. I can remember going to see Brandy at the county fair when I was very young. Wait, matter of fact, it was Queen Latifah in 1994.

Favorite cartoon character: I was a huge fan of Bugs Bunny. I was mad that Looney Tunes stopped running. I’m an old-school cartoon head, so all the new stuff — Pikachus and all that kind of shit — I can’t even get into that. That shit just drives me crazy.

Biggest insecurity: My biggest insecurity is, I think, the thought of having success without being able to fulfill my purpose and having the influence to do good, which is what I’m using my platform to do.

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