WATCH: ‘Good Morning America’ anchor Lara Spencer gets married

Transcript for ‘Good Morning America’ anchor Lara Spencer gets married

We begin with a big coras — take way. All you. I wasoing to let you keep going er Lara Spencer, own Lara Spencer tied the knot this end with entrepreneur, Rick mcve there sh in color W her beaiful Adam zohargown with Herson, duff, who is now bigger than her, T than her. Now. I know you go way back with . Sam is getting nostalgic. We best for yr family and wedded enjoy it.m sure they are honeymooning right nod ssarily watching us right UT they wi watch lat. They have a dream in T heart ansong so sing. Hopefuly to become the next “American Y, boisethe STO tiarch. Let me do my Ryan se impression. For who will be the “American idol.” The winner of “American idol” 2005 is — Carrie Underwood! Ly Clarkson. Rtecatapulted careerand captured hearts. Maddie po congratulati Maddie. Rorter: “Amican idol” backn the Roa in search its xt star. This is “American idol.”eporter: Aitc arder way aftea kickoff inetter place than Walt Disney world? Last season’s winner now I’m hardly breathing american id” hopefu would be just to be yourself. As cliche as that sounds. Reporter: She not only er destiny The career boost and stuff was great, but I think at the end of the day, whatps you sane and happy is the pound yoursf with. Reporter: But found love. She heard he was, like, I like your voice and now, it’ still a long way to for these hopefuls. This is my time I have made it through the first pre-round twice. Third time’s arm let’s go. This time is my ti knowhihere I belong. It’s not jus want to hr a icimpact the world. Reporter: The next D tryouts will be in Texas for a list of the 1cies on urhead to Tharienne.I remind everybody. The debut of “Gma day” with Michael Strahan and “Gma” weekendlu Haines. Don’t miss it.

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