Young Dolph Announces New Partnership With Empire, Shares ‘Major’ Video: Excl.

After releasing the N—-s Get Shot Everyday EP back in February, Young Dolph is ready to unleash his fourth solo studio album next month (Sept. 21) with Role Model. The Memphis-bred rapper’s jampacked Friday continues (Aug. 31) as the “Major” visual arrives via Billboard premiere, along with Dolph announcing his lucrative partnership with Empire. 

The 33-year-old heads back to the trap to boast about how he changed his life’s circumstances against all odds by turning dirt into diamonds while heading one of the premier indie labels in rap. Dolph invites emerging Memphis native Key Glock on the track, who takes full advantage of the broader platform. 

The Gelato artist’s multi-million joint venture with Empire is rumored to net him 8 figures over the lifetime of the deal. “The deals I was being offered, I can’t lie, they were good. Not only is this still a multi-million dollar deal, but I can keep my masters and get a bigger percentage,” he explains to Billboard. “This is a big deal because it’s linking the biggest independent artist and label with the biggest distribution company.”

Role Model is now available for pre-order on iTunes and is slated to arrive Sept. 21. Dolph has long considered himself a pioneer of the independent movement in hip-hop. “A role model is someone you can look to for guidance in certain areas,” he adds. “I’m a role model for this independent shit and I want all these young black kids to be inspired to get a hustle where they can own their own shit and create something with their own minds and become even better at it than their role model.”

Watch the “Major” video below.

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