WATCH: US Open umpire accused of giving player pep talk

Transcript for US Open umpire accused of giving player pep talk

ank you. To you tnusual scene U.S. Ope raising a lot getting the umpire ihe middle the match. To plain. Ng. Reporter: Good morning, guys. Vetrange situation this morning. Tennis superstars and its F fans are asking for lanation for Thi pk between umpire a a conow, in a second match N kys seemed likewas on the ropes and lunging for serves when the umpir Mohamed lahyani steps down from his chair to offer advice and some fans Ander playe a calling arguing tt it amount tonterferenc given the edge he N to bounce back. The ustasaying this is about coic player safety Ng layha told kyrgios if he waseeling ill, that the rovideim thedical hem. What net? He N happy withth. Kyrgios’ opponent pierre-hugues Herbert saying hngry and also added this, I am eve more upset against the statement the ustas clearly taking us for fools. How about that? Kyfor his part called the notion that the talkpeim ridiadded, he just said he liked . I’ nature that’s encouragement. It seems like’see oneng after another th t-shirts and pep talks now. But I like a pep talk sure, everybody does. . Serena/venus do Exactly. Speaking of that tht as well, Aley Wille on the Williams sisters. Venus and ser in the trd round. Sigh the action ESPN, 30

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