WATCH: Trump team sought to buy bad stories from Enquirer: Report

Transcript for Trump team sought to buy bad stories from Enquirer: Report

Psident trump tonight leaving washior a camp rally in Diana. Befog off, the president adessing hisublic feud with Jeff sessions telling Bloomberg the atey geral’s job is safe until at least the midterm elections. Thesident als ring agait the specialsel’s ia probe, calling it, quot ieg investigation. But tonight, the’s news on another about “The nationenquir” andecades worth of senmation he president. Here’s abc’syra philli Repore was Donald Trump’s sec publng mogul did pecker, whose supermarket tabloids like “The national enquirer” tore into the candidate’s rivals. “Hillary’s failed se lie deest!” “Hillary’s two secstrokes!” Lary: Six months to live!” Twas a magane that, in many respects, should be ve. Reporter: Sources P told fedal invti he also worked withtrump’s long-time fixer, mic Cohen, to buy Andy the stories of women claiming affair with the billionair andhat trump ew about it. One of those women, playboy pl Karen MCDL. There were real feelings between the two of us. Repor trump has denied the affair, but there is news “The enquirer” had a lot more dirt on him that just the Mcdougal story. New York times”orting the tablhad been collecting information on the president for since the ’80 that durg ign, trump and Cohen wait all themselves. Just weeksore the election recorded a conversation with trump. And according to “The S,” the two men seem to discuss buying “E enquirer” trump leavid pecker. I need company for the transfer of all info regarding our friend David. Reporter: On trump and Cohen sounrried the information could Fant thwrong handifwere to lea worse. And it’l the stuff. About that. Stuff, because you never know where that company you never know where he’s going to be. — Could hit by a truck. Correct. , I’m all overt. Rorter: The deal never went through. Cohen paded guilty capable nce violations. Peckereenranted Ni and president trump continues to uncyst don nothing wr a Phillips joining us now in studio. E spoke wh David pecker tonight. And “The enquirer”t tt information inside of a locked safe, but do we know what haedfe? Reporter: Well, it’s still of a Y. The ap has reportedt pecker emptied that safe just prior T inauguration, but it’s stillunclear, D he keep the S, did heth are they in the hands of feral investigate him hisell phon said no T. I trie Dav peckerit comment tonight. All t,you. Next tonight, the FBI arresting suspect accused O

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