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Ginger, thanks. It’s time now for our final concert of T summer and I am here with world renowned deejayalesso. His new single,medy” is out today, lady, byhe way, itmo but let’s chat. You talking about the energy. You bring sch energy the E every time you ce out and form. Wher does it come from? Sleep. I try T sleep a lot as much as possible. WHE we listen your music, it’s fun to dance in the ca to, O the dance floor. Ther a Dr meaning to a lot of it. Tellsut it. I comfrom, Yo know, a very small city inden Stockholm where I pretty much gray % ofhe yea so you know and it’s a beautiful place but as a D I G to experience a lot of emotional things there and I try to bring that in my music and ma it memorae. Your fans love it forure you’re an incredible perfr as well fact,e’ll S at the music festivalct zoo this day. Celebrating its tenth year. Whan youran expect. A lot of newmusic, yeah, so ne, new sing . You collaborated with the likeof R, David guetta on republic, poslong. Whn your list — Haven’t worked with post Malone B I really want to. You started playing piano at justears old. You got intusicn you were 16. So do you adv F of the young people therant to pursue a career in music. Just stay Hun I to a lot say that just be fearless, try, know, be different trusyournstincts and, you know, W really Hard work is always a good

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