WATCH: Bradley Cooper had Lady Gaga go makeup-free for ‘A Star is Born’ screen test

Transcript for Bradley Cooper had Lady Gaga go makeup-free for ‘A Star is Born’ screen test

Wh But firs ooh, we have adneere with T “P news.” Yes. I ha to follow thehelor but iwill. We B with Bradley cooper and lady coming clean. Ther monster mad a dramatic entrancet e018 Venice film feival onhursday tote herupcomi film “Ar is born” arriving by about. She was on a at the lm would be her fir major rol a bradleyooper making H direct todebut. The “Los les times” duringga St, the first thing he did remove her makeup. Sounds like it cou be awkward but H says he wanted her completely open, no artifice. Ga thanked him it put ight ie place I needed . Whhe talks Abo H ugly she feel,ha Al. It comes with O sodt theyrained for months to sing. Before T he dn’t. He sound like a rock star. “Atar is born” hits theaters October 5th. D he physically wipe the makeup himself. I should have taken a makeup wipe and did it to you. Don’t wearmakeup. He was born this way. Ight. Boom. Boom. Drop themike Now we ha news for those Trang busy liday weend looking to a conneion loo N further than yeat mate O yourflight. A new study fin 1ut of every 50 peopl love find love on an airplane. Ally? I bieve the. I know a married because they met on a plane. Mor than half surveyed said they started talking with a stranger. Cecilia, are you couple. No, I wasoing to add that it ended in rce, sorry The conversations turn into datesnd a happy ending M times. The chances of meeting your soul mate better at 30,000 F at a bar. One in seven developed a ip or business connection. I say yes to th Ta off headphones a stri up crsation wh your neighbor until they who do on a pl bu okay. Sure. Yeah. I think we’re all sleeping a plane. Final a photo dividing internet. Oks like a random photo. Blue do. Is that what you see. Or a H. Guess what, Amy, you’re right. Oh. Tur it on its side. It I day at the be Yeah. But it’s ant on line the Leve we haveot seen since the is it blue, I it gold dress. The originalto a beach. People career it’s just that optical illusion. Itill say the dress was white and gold. Black andue.m sorry, whit. All right,et’s gout T

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