WATCH: 6-foot lizard terrorizes family in their backyard

Transcript for 6-foot lizard terrorizes family in their backyard

Hank you. N that six-foot lizd terrorizing ailylorida for weeks crawling a . There’s the videoding capture.ere with more and, T.J., Thi lizar cane dangerous. Yay drous. I mean, it has sharp teeth, claws that tear through flesh andt can outrun mosthuma other than that, go ahead. Family pet. Youon’t want this thing in realizing to get rid ofes a E lot more than going shoo, lizard. T come T my house? Oh, my Reporter: A mve six-foot It’s a big fella a he’ scary. Rter: This clo encount story W caught on tape. It’sn S the family of ch lieberm the past T eks. Perts from the Frida wish and wild conservation along rofessiona traers have been ING T CL it but to narge potentially dangerous or.ant to make sure we remove it as soons possible to Mize any it have on human health and safety. Tse lizards nativeo sou and an H a heck of a bite and mou laced with bacteria. Ey have twsmall kid and and 4- bill B girl and scared Thi thil C back. Rep while zac has admittedly enjoy he’s ife to return to rm Work with all the local trappers. It’s been kind of F but it’s anse of urgency. Where did Thi thingome ? It somedy’spet. Somebo’s got out and Florida, yes, you can get certain permits. These arelegal. They get too big andet out and find a home for. It’s not going back to the owner. Clearly they’re N necessarily responsible. The thing that got me the N themouth. It’s the bite but the infection that will kill lar. One of two. That’s GHT. Hey.

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