WATCH: Omarosa accuses Trump of making racial remarks

Transcript for Omarosa accuses Trump of making racial remarks

anpresident trump condemning all racism, just one day be the Y of thoseeadly S in charltesville. This amid new tensionsh a ce-trusted whiou omarosa Manigault Newman. Now accusinthe president of quote- start a’s taraalthesident inew Jersey. Repter: Tonight the even anniversary of lottesvill esident present trump is calling F unitiolottesvilla year ago resulted in senseless death and division. We must me togetheas a nation. Condemn altypes of ris and acts of VI. Peace to all Americans!” A yrgo the president was heavily cti responseit. We emn in their possible terms egregious DIY of hate B violence on many S, on many Reporte taking 48 H call out hate groups by name. Racism is evil and thoswho cause violence in its are criminals and thugs,luding the kkeo Reporter: Then walking it back. Yes, I think there’s blame on both sides. Repter: GHT, president trump isponding T accusations of racismade by Omara who was fired byhe use late last year. She was by TMZ if the pr attack on athletes — S to start a race war. ‘S succeedg. Eporter: S re trump’s reit “The apprentice.” Rosa has to go. You’refid. R nowhe’s out with aok unhinged, a book the WHE house sd is,quote, riddled ths and false stations. According to Washington post, which re an advanced copy of the book, shhe president is, qu misogynist and a bigot. Tara Palmeri is new even out t,sacalled ouready for ntradictin one of her own claims. That’s right, whit. According to the Washington post, omarosa writes the’s tape of the president using thn-word O set of apprentice she’s Ver actually heard the tape. But then on NPR she said she has in facard the Ta. Changinger story. Tar thank youllowing the president. Much Mon this torrow this week.” When jhan Karl gs ononcounselor the es Kelly Anne Conway and attorney Michael avenatti as the program on to thgrowing real nsion on the eve of

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