WATCH: Top country music stars come together at the CMA Music Festival

Transcript for Top country music stars come together at the CMA Music Festival

Cma fest in N. Somecountry’ biggest stars, Eva piri T ee itall. E as can we expect. Expect whole of fun. Hryntry music makes the trip homeor this fun festival. ??? what happens when all ocountry’s ggest char toppers adds ofdie-hard fans from all over the world onusic ? It’s electric. It really Rorter:t’ the cma mu festal. E four-day music event of summer. The erg through the roof. Reporte and epic party lukeryan alwaysakes I back to Nashville for. T’s alw really when a fan comesp this their annual traditi and it’s a familyvent for them. Reporter: Thomas Rhett and kels Ballerini returning for co-hosts for the second in ro welcoming artists liklorida Gia ne Dierks Bentley and the queenf the cmas Carrie Underwood to thesan stadi day she’s a busy M a wife but by nig she is one of the festival’s biggest headliners whos sheasn’t forgotten what life was like before her success. Talk all the time how we want to raise our K how importan for him to have as Normal oaife as possible because I feel L we bot gw THA way and didn’t have everything HD to us Think a lot of women look ou S how do you D it. You got your by, working out, juggling all the things. Juggling. I M it is juggling. Befo I came here tonight I made dinner for evebody a in it’s that’s what you do th’s what a working mom does I juste aittle more random job. Eporter: Fs must also out how to jgl jam-packed concert lineup all over Nashville. We took one of country’s newt sensations, Michael ray, for a the M spin tough the heart ofdway. Which quickly turned into epic fan andgreet. A little overwhelmi. They’re like right in the middle of is. Inkts overwheg ce in a the cool thing it is a big famil. ?????? order: For theig stars this party is about thefans, a thank you, a chanc share the fun together Hey to ama. Ging, ameri. [ Applause It reallysbout the fans. If you love cry mus you T to the big Nissan S reqre a ticket almost all the other strectually . Ou might get Hom cooking from Carrie Underwood. K you,a. See the cma fes at:0 eastern right here on ABC. Kelsey Grammer coming up.

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