WATCH: Tennis star Serena Williams struggles to find balance as new mom

Transcript for Tennis star Serena Williams struggles to find balance as new mom

Thank you.we on to Serena williampulling bk the curtain on H Ruggles as a new mom. Reporter:ena ll wins a losses been Ver public. The star Rea her own private battle for a ife balance. A powerful andle instagramost S writes last week was not easy F my. Ielt like I was not a go M. Th-time grand slam Chan ts I work alot, I train and I’rying tehe best athlete I can she sayski things through helped sept postpartum emotions. E it’s totly to feel like I’m not enough for my ba erena Williams isg te ambivalence which is ve cmon mothers, feeling tty’reeithering successful a work O successful another at mothg. Reporteheough week only three weeks away from the U. Open out of the Rogers cup after what man sai was the worsts her career Ed in less than a and after wimbledon last month shecribed thehallenge of returning tos after the I had such aong suggleo come back and I rally difficult Ror she shared many arming reife with daughter ale whons 1 times. Willms criedhen she missed her daughter’s first stepshile was away I training. But being so openbout her struggle now might actually be goodmedicine. Instagraming like this about thefl feelings she’shavingan be theutic the community steps up and says me too. T and we supportyou. T smiles from that little baby gir a also very gomedicine. Atthe salutes other wog moms and writialance is the true art and S ma moms are chiming and saying, come on,sena,ou can this. We know what you’re going thugh andraising for keeping it . Thank youery much. Whene back how make your favorite mexica food at home

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