WATCH: Red tide, toxic algae spark health warnings

Transcript for Red tide, toxic algae spark health warnings

Thousand T wing concern over that red tide in Florida impactin more tn00 miles of coastal line creingic fumes. ABC’s Victor oqu isn cap co Florida, with more U wt on a B and saw the tide up good mning. R: Good moin saw it firsthand. Dead fish just LTE the coasanwaterways. It does not take a long time for yourhroat to really start G. This red te that has Rav sohwest Florida is now moving her nort this mning the of Florida is facing astal disaster. A red T stretching more than 100 miles from napleo Sarasota and spreading keeping tourists S dozens. The toxic fumesre danger to D if you’re swimmin anfested beach,t can be harmful ifingested. Nick fisher says thissed to beisusy season T becau the red tide business is way much D Y iohe boat. Close to 130. It’s not getting used. This fil cuttingheir vacation short in sa. T horrendous. There S F dead fis in T water, on the shorele. Reporter: The red tide a F harmful rust-colored E kilngarine lt alarming I beach with dead fish,turts, a W shark washing Hore in sanibel. At the island there, the geral manager ys he’ lost $1n cancellations in than I was here for oil spill. I was here for hurrine ma, hurricane Charlie. Ose eventspale in comparison to this. Reporter: The tide I a turally occri event but this one, the wor des. I being compounded by simultaneous blue green a blmauseyof from large farms and sinesses, the one-two puh dastating for local wife. This is one THA clogged with that nasty algae. This stuff theide and tck layer of it coating the area. S are stuck living with right iackyards an experts say the K to containgtop the runoff from farms and busins inhe centrart of Devastating. Thankyou. We turn T a dangerous hailstorm THIT colado and

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