WATCH: War of words between Trump and LeBron James

Transcript for War of words between Trump and LeBron James

And good evening. Thanks foroining us this sat I’m Tom llamas. We begin tonight with the of words between president trump D NBA star Lebron S. President trump attack telligence thister Lebron sai an terview that the president I inorts to divide the American people,first lady mea trump isin statement, praising the NBA player. President trump is in Ohio tonight, James’ home state for a political rally. Abwhite house correspdent Tara Palmeri is there with hi and starts us off. Reporter: President trump ING the campairail in Columbus tonight. But before leaving, twng an insultt Ohio’s forite Nati “Lebron James was just intervied by the dst man on tisemon. Hee Lebron lk smart, wch isn’t easy to do.” E president D, “I like Mike an apparent reference to Michael Jordan. Earlier this week, Lebron Jame C’s don LEM about a school for at-risk kids he’s openinow akn. In theerview, jas accused the ident of Ung sporttole apart. Hs kind of Ed sport T kind divide U and that’s something that I carelate to. Sports Haser been soth thing thatinne together. Reporter:uring the trump presidency, banship team has celebra house this year, the president said mers and STE S golden STAAR weren’t even asked. I didn’invite them no, I didnnvon James, D I didnnvcurry. Reporter: The president also resc warrio in 2017 after curry said this. Iant to go. That’s rally it. Reporte at E time, James himself took to Twitter, calling the president Q The numr in America, the point of person, is someone who doesn’t understand ople. D really dsn’t give About the people. Reporter: At a trump rally in the suburbs of columbus,ohio, there were signs in suppo Lebron James. Anothers sflicted. I do thinbrould probably keep his person opinions to himse Reporter: Game’s altime greatest.t a move by Jordan! Rter: Seemi T statement, “I support lj. He’s doing an ING job fo his unity.” And cns lemon firing back, criticizing adtion’s immigratn the proc ee’s the readummy? A Mao puts kids in class or one who puts kids in cages added #bebest, a rence to the fi tonight,ania trump also Ng out. Her communications director a statement prng James saying, quote, it looks like Lebron mes is worng to do good th of our next generate and that theirst lady would be, quot visiting the I promise school in akron.e from THA rally. The ident making a last-minutstop to he O a Republican in a tight race. A direct thathe president wo 11 points Reporte tght, Tom. Re in the suburbs of bus, Ohio, it’s a Republican E president won. The republan candidas neck and neitcrat. The last special len before Tom. That election on Tuesday. Of people will be watching. And T programmi speaking of ohio,rge gng one-on-one wohio governor Jo Kasich this week.” Turngow to T severe weather out there. A tornado touching

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