Explosive drones detonate in ‘attempt’ on Venezuelan president: Official

Several drones armed with explosives were detonated near Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro in Caracas Saturday in what a government official termed an “attempt against the president.”

Maduro, who was unharmed, was speaking at a celebration of the 81st anniversary of the National Guard, when detonations from “various drones” near the presidential area and along the parade route occurred, Jorge Rodriguez, the Venezuelan Minister of Communication and Information, said on Venezuelan state television.

“This was an attempt against the president,” Rodriguez said. “They failed and will continue to fail. He is in perfect health and shape.”

Maduro, who Rodriguez said was evacuated from the scene met with his generals and cabinet members, later spoke again, calling the explosions an assassination attempt and saying that some suspects had been arrested.

He blamed far-right factions in the country, working with others in Bogota and in Miami, and said he hoped that President Trump would help “fight the terrorist groups.”

The minister said seven people were injured and were being treated for unspecified injuries at hospitals.

Video from state television shows Maduro, wearing his presidential banner, speaking about the economy when he hears a noise.

The soldiers lined up in front of Maduro can be seen breaking ranks and running before the transmission was cut.

Rodriguez said Maduro will speak to the nation later Saturday evening.

“The people are with the president,” Rodriguez said.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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