Blake Lively’s Vintage Spice Girls-Inspired Pigtails Caught Baby Spice’s Attention

When a throwback photo of Blake Lively at a Spice Girls concert went viral, the inspiration behind her platforms and pigtails approved of her look some 20-years after the fact — and she can barely handle it.

The actress was a massive Spice Girls fan back in the day, and Twitter user @briamadrid shared a photo of herself with the young Lively, who dressed up as Baby Spice, a.k.a. Emma Bunton, for the occasion.

She was committed to the full-on Spice Up Your Life aesthetic, and went so far as to attend the concert in sky-high platforms that were identical to the ones Bunton frequently wore for her own performances.

Fast-forward to 2018: Lively, delighted, responded to the pic and shared it herself, and it immediately caught Bunton’s attention.

“So cute, you’re rocking those pigtails!” she commented on the photo. Lively, in turn, responded with a flurry of excited emojis.

“I’m officially ☠️☠️☠️☠️,” she wrote.” “Forever bowing down to you… I cannot believe you know who I am. This will never be normal.”

It’s good to know that some stars — like Lively — are just as capable as maintaining their chill when interacting with their idols as we are, frankly. Girl power.

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