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You’re looking at like I’m crazy because I was saying thinhe was supsed to say. Go ahead the BILLBRD hot 100s music industry standard as we know and ts saturdayarks th anniversa First Saturday. It’s your first time ever on T show a iu up. I thought this was the hazing part. Hazing. Billboard began in 1958 with these list ars striving to sing their way onto top of thes playsts aroundhe country and celebrate hand Adrienne is taking a look at thisanniversar good morng. L. Ngo doesn’t when a list like this.billlord is like going inside a juketime capsule. And the one thing thatemains the same fm T to the yet we allov little nostalgia. Show your L Jackson. Reporter: It’s one of M most Ster Hao much. Is it thyou so much. Thank you guys so very much Reporoard takes us dolane. The hottest dance sensation. Rter: With E all ti number one song. Lads and gentle H chubby checker. ??? Come on baby let’s do the twist ??? Reporter: August is 60th annersary of llboard’s I 1958. Reporter: Theye us an exclusive look at the very first hot 100 LI ohnny B. Ode.” Number 80. Elvis watt a number wit headed woman.” Rep in honor of the anniversary billboard’s releasing 600 his and top pemers over Sica??? gonna give it to Yo Reporter: Number 4,2015’s “Upt ??? don’t beliee just wat ???the cross generatial power of “Upt funk” whmy mom loves “Upton funk.”myni 10 loves “Uptown funk.” Reportehe first fem the list is lerimes with her ’90s balanced “How do I live” at nr five. ???Breathe without you ??? Reporter: Fast forward to 17to” was everywhere. ??? Despacito ??? 100 is so well represented. Repor therebehind it. He top 650ompiled usg alth in the ‘S, ’70s ’80s the biggest hits spent ten weeks on the chart.what is streaming youl see hitsn charter a long period40eeks. Ha think is the anthem F 201 It’s a tough one. In this exact momentbe “In my INGs? Dre Ken over the internet. He’s takver the chts??? Kiki do love me a you riding ??? ??? say you NER ever leave beside me ??? ??? because I — Oh, hi. There’s so many statistics and G. I’m going to let yiv listen, of course, we have a fun facts.bethe top 100 act rd-setting 2mber one compively rihaha er one hits W. And she’s got so much more of a career left ahead of her I know, she does. I T do the ki challenge. I still haven’t mastered. ??? Kiki ou love mere you riding ‘cayou never ve to leave from beside cause I want to and I you ??? I’m down R you alwa ??? Thank you. ??? Kiki, doou love me ??? I’m just going on singing.

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