WATCH: Country singer Jay Allen sings to his mom on stage

Transcript for Country singer Jay Allen sings to his mom on stage

Finally tonight, America Rong. A new cntry song thecome an instant hit, and that inspiring moment ontage. ?????? Reporter: For singerhat have sg songs about their mother blank Stary jayllen is tt hi your soul. ?????? ??? you a G so fast ??? ??? Repr: Nearly a million ve sdhis cell E video all singing to his mom, sherry right arms onstage. Battng Ely onset Al ??? wish I didn’t fe so helpless comes to helping you ??? ??? en hoping to not only reach his mom through the songs blso millions of others dealing Wimer’s heir families. Allen sayshile grow up his worked two tohrees others he iw pledgingroceeds from the song to Abe’s garden, animer’s care center in Nashville still in ere, down somewhere swear I still ??? Reporte there is E to Allen saountry mus is E only thing that brings his M back. Watcles right re. Allenoing by Shari his song Andry he can help others. That Ng “Blstares,” you find it tie tunes. Thank you for watching on a Friday night. I’m tomllamas I’ll see you back here tomoromorw.

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