Sub Pop Partners With Alaska Airlines for Branded Airplane Celebrating Label’s 30th Anniversary

Sub Pop is turning 30 this year to help spread the word the beloved indie label has teamed up with another Seattle-based company, Alaska Airlines, to brand a Boeing 737-800 with the Sub Pop logo.

“The jet’s wrapping makes it look like a Sub Pop musician’s instrument case, only in much better condition,” said Sub Pop co-president and founder Jonathan Poneman. “It’s definitely the sickest jet on the tarmac.”

Sub Pop CEO Megan Jasper added, “Music and travel both have the power to transform us. They bring people together, they open our minds and our hearts and they both have the ability to change our moods, our days and our lives. We’re thrilled to celebrate 30 years of life-changing independent music with Alaska Airlines!”

“In celebration of the label’s 30th anniversary, we are thrilled to partner with Sub Pop to bring two iconic Seattle brands together in the skies,” said Alaska Airlines’ managing director of brand marketing and advertising Natalie Bowman in a statement. “This partnership brings together two independent, local brands that are committed to doing things a little differently.”

The plane was unveiled Thursday and is just one of several events the label has lined up to celebrate three decades in the music business. Coming up next Friday, Aug. 10, Sup Pop will also be hosting the SPF 30 event, a two-day-long party complete with live music and refreshments.

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