REZZ Releases More Spacey Bass on ‘Certain Kind of Magic’: Listen

Part of discovering who you are as an artist is finding your signature sound. Your voice tells people who you are. It’s distinguishable and explanatory. It’s your calling card, and if there’s one thing REZZ has figured out, it’s her recipe for sonic success.

It’s one minor key exploited through various textural filters, and it comes to life in a variety of shades on her new album, Certain Kind of Magic, but if you’re looking for a lot of growth on that motif, you still have some waiting to do.

The eight-track album starts off strong with “Witching Hour” and the previously-released “H E X.” The single is a very deconstructed groove featuring exciting upstart 1788-L. It’s feels forceful and exciting, but by the end of the album’s run, it’s starts to feel more like a steady mood than a grabbing exclamation mark. “Flying Octopus” offers some whimsical fancy to the standard, but it still rings pretty true to the original.

Thankfully, people love the REZZ formula. Her hypnotic DJ sets and psychedelic presentation show no sign of waning interest among die-hard fans. If you want more REZZ in its purest form, Certain Kind of Magic has your back. If you’re looking for a big twist, you’re better off watching The Sixth Sense.

Certain Kind of Magic is out everywhere now on mau5rap. Listen to it in full below.

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