Niall Horan Tells Fans to ‘Start Looking Out For Each Other’ at His Shows

Niall Horan loves that his fans are excited to come and see him on tour — as long as they’re taking care of themselves and staying safe in the crowd.

In the midst of the first of his two scheduled shows in Mexico City on Friday night (July 13), Horan paused after a few concert-goers were pushed and apparently fainted. Clearly concerned, he issued a stern warning before moving on with the set: “Everyone needs to look out for each other, or we’re going to have to cancel the show.”

He repeated himself on Twitter, stressing that safety is his number one concern and that he’s “nearly had to cancel” recent gigs because of rowdy crowds. He did crack a joke in the process (“have ya heard my album Hahahahah, it’s not meant to look like a rave out there”), but the situation is serious, and he just wants everyone to have a good — and safe — time on the Flicker World Tour.

Horan’s Flicker World Tour continues in Mexico City tonight (July 14); he’ll then swing stateside starting on July 18 in Woodlands, Texas and wrap the jaunt in West Palm Beach, Fla. on Sept. 23.

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