Katya’s Brian McCook Speaks Out on the State of Drag: ‘It Has Become the Thing It Used to Make Fun Of’

Over 50,000 fans of RuPaul’s Drag Race stormed the Los Angeles Convention Center for the city’s fourth annual DragCon from May 11-13. With over 90 queens from the show scheduled to make appearances, the event was designed to dazzle — but one performer caused a commotion without getting into drag.

Brian McCook, the man behind Drag Race fan favorite Katya, hosted his own panel titled DEB Talks With Brian McCook. Throughout the free-wheeling 45-minute discussion, the now-bearded star talked about everything from his recent trip to rehab to his experience with a ghost. But it was his thoughts on the state of drag that caused the most applause.

When a fan asked McCook how fans could support drag queens if they’re broke, the star expressed his disdain for what drag has become. “Drag, in my view these days, has become the thing it used to make fun of — which is Jennifer Lopez. Now we all want to be her. We have stylists, we have special photographers. I think there’s a danger to believ[ing] the hype.”

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